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David Pollack At Ray Drew's Announcement Forces Georgia To Self-Report Five Violations

Ray Drew's January 28 announcement that he'd be signing a letter of intent to play football for the Georgia Bulldogs resulted in five secondary NCAA violations, self-reported by UGA in a letter to the NCAA. The presence of former Dawgs David Pollack and Randall Godfrey at his announcement was the issue. The violations Georgia fessed up to:

1. - General Rule (regarding unauthorized off-campus recruitment)
2. (g) - General Exceptions/Unavoidable Incidental Contact
3. (d) - Restrictions, Athletics Representatives/Visiting Prospective Student-Athlete's Institution
4. - Off-Campus Contacts or Evaluations
5. 13.10.2 - Comments Before Signing

Secondary violations are the most meaningless things in all of sports, especially ones that apparently happened without any knowledge of the offending team's coaching staff. As long as a program stays on top of self-reporting their flubs like this, nobody cares. Jim Tressel racked up hundreds of secondary violations in the past decade, and you don't see him ... wait, bad example. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.