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Nathan Stanley Transfer, D.T. Shackleford Injury Threaten Various Ole Miss Motivational Posters

If you combine the two most visually arresting pieces of pop art icon Houston Nutt's 2011 collection ("Magnolia Manifest Destiny" and "Kindergarten Conduct Policy") it's painfully evident the artist's muse is a struggle with unattainable desires, specifically the Ole Miss Rebels' first appearance in the SEC Championship game.

Stand back for an artistic maelstrom; that unthinkable prize seems even further from reality after a week that saw junior quarterback Nathan Stanley request a transfer and starting linebacker D.T. Shackleford go down for the year with a torn ACL

Despite potential depth concerns if West Virginia transfer Barry Brunetti isn't granted a waiver by the NCAA, Stanley's absence isn't nearly as devastating as "Coach Shack," the Rebels' vocal leader on defense. Stanley's transfer was a given after falling to a projected fourth on the Rebels' spring practice depth chart following a season when he lost his starting job after one game to work-release trustee Jeremiah Masoli (though God do we hate to lose relevant usage of this media guide photo).

Replacing Shackleford will be a trickier task for coordinator Tyrone Nix, who now has to bank on highly touted recruit C.J. Johnson to produce immediately, as well as contributions from two Atlanta natives, Clarence Jackson (North Clayton) and Joel Kight (Lithonia King). 

So Ole Miss really doesn't need any motivational trust circle graphs with a chewy ATL nougat - the Rebs could really just party bus it over and crash with those bros anytime they wanted. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.