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Matt Ryan Avoids The Madden Curse, Marries, And Makes Us All Very Happy Obsessive Fans

Those of us with an unhealthy fixation on the mental state of Falcons' quarterback Matt Ryan have enjoyed a productive week: Fans voted him out of EA Sports' competition to determine the cover athlete for Madden '12 - either in a grassroots crusade to keep him from suffering the legendary "Madden Curse" (something the AJC had no problem taking credit for) - or maybe just because Peyton Hillis better represents the dashed athletic dreams of our nation's gamer culture.

Ryan also married his college sweetheart, the former Sarah Marshall, in a secret weekend wedding on a Georgia beach. And while some fans might argue that athlete nuptials aren't newsworthy, or just choose to dwell on the awesome boobies-touching power the bachelorhood of a NFL quarterback commands, others among us celebrate Ryan's VERY notable decision to settle down. Because our Matty Ice doesn't need DISTRACTIONS, and because a great marriage is built on love, support and WINNING A WORLD TITLE OR FIVE IMMEDIATELY HAHA JK JK JK. OR NOT. TXT ME BACK, MATT, K?

When it's your quarterback, these things matter. Granted, this level of concern for a favorite player is usually the work of the kind of fan found sending unsolicited Facebook messages to college football recruits at 2:30 a.m. while arguing about hip fluidity on Scout, BUT: just like other misunderstandings (what is "misdemeanor harassment," really?), working to avoid a fictitious video game Curse while encouraging the stability of marriage is about looking out for YOUR best interests, Matthew. We're helping you Matt. We're helping the TEAM. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.