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Wimbledon 2011 Draws, John Isner Vs. Nicolas Mahut: Game 184 Begins Next Week

The 2011 Wimbledon Championships begin June 20, with at least one match sure to wrangle a local non-tennis fan's eyeball or two: Georgia Bulldogs representative John Isner will again take on Frenchman Nicolas Mahut. You may recall the 2010 Wimbledon meeting between the two resulted in the history of tennis, a three-day, 11-hour, 183-game epic that saw each player nullify the other's strengths to a hilarious degree.

You can review the web's best recount of the entire match here, at SB Nation's live StoryStream.

The match broke Wimbledon's scoreboard, gave Isner the record for the most aces in a single match, required a nation of 14 linespeople and 28 ball-fetchers and even got college football fans watching tennis. The brief sensation ended with Isner making national TV appearances (in a Dawgs shirt!) and accepting a 2010 ESPY award.

Oh, and Isner won, too.

Coming into the week, the two players reminisced on last year's meeting. Mahut called it "the greatest moment of my life as a tennis player," while Isner hopes it will go down as his second-best career victory.

Can the two top last year's effort? No. No, that will not happen. Can they come close? No. But should it be a good match? Yes! Isner is still a towering howitzer of a player who was good enough to take Rafael Nadal to a fifth set at the French Open, while Mahut has climbed into the top-100 rankings since last year's Round 1.

Here's the complete bracket of Wimbledon draws and Wimbledon schedule. For more on Wimbledon and the world of tennis, join The Daily Forehand and visit SB Nation's tennis hub.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.