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Atlanta Hawks Sale In The Works, According To Report

Now that the Atlanta Spirit Group has shipped the Atlanta Thrashers off to Winnipeg, what about the Hawks? According to Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomson, they could be sold as well -- but don't expect the team to move. Atlanta's NBA franchise is tied here through at least 2028.

A rumor or two regarding the sale of the team had popped up during the Thrashers sale, but most of those were construed as headfakes by the ASG. The Hawks were commonly believed to be valued around $240 millionthroughout that saga.

According to SI:

One of the sources confirmed that the sale is about to be consummated, but declined to identify the buyer.

Let's just hope it's not these guys again. Or this guy.

This has led some in the SB Nation newsroom to speculate -- nay, conclude -- that Gucci Mane is about to buy the Hawks, but that's probably not true. A sale of the team by the ASG may not be met with flash riots of joy outside Philips Arena, but that's only because it's so gotdamn hot outside right now.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.