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Atlanta Hawks Minicamp: Jeremy Hazell, David Lighty Among Pre-Lockout Camp Invitees

At least there will be some basketball activity before the NBA's owners padlock the doors to their buildings at the end of the week.

The Atlanta Hawks announced the roster for their mini-mini camp this week and aside from second round pick Keith Benson, 18 other players will don a uniform for the three-day event, which culminates the day before the day befor the NBA tells the players that they'll see them in a while (June 29).

"Big" names include Seaton Hall's Jeremy Hazell and Ohio State's' David Lighty. Four-year vet Qyntel Woods is also on the roster while Mississippi's Zach Graham represents the SEC. The troubled Woods hopes to prove that he's still got game after running into disciplinary problems and spending some time in Europe.

The breakdown of the roster is as follows: Hawks draftees (1), NBDL players trying to find a way onto a big-league roster (7), pure rookies (9), veterans (1).

Here is the complete roster, compliments of the Hawks PR staff (note they already have Benson listed at 230 pounds):

Player                                    Pos         Ht           Wt          Birthdate        College/Country                            
Joe Alexander                        F            6-8          230         12/26/86         West Virginia (D-League: Texas)
Keith Benson                       F/C          6-11        230         08/13/88         Oakland            
Vernon Goodridge                F            6-9          240         02/18/84         La Salle  (D-League: Maine)
Zach Graham                         G           6-6          218         03/28/89         Mississippi                    
Demonte Harper                  G           6-4          188         06/21/89         Morehead State       
Jeremy Hazell                        G           6-5          188         03/25/86         Seton Hall          
Dontell Jefferson                  G           6-5          195         12/15/83         Arkansas (D-League: Utah)  
Ivan Johnson                          F            6-8          230         04/10/84        Cal. St. San Bernadino (D-League: Erie)
Marcus Landry                      F            6-7          230         11/01/85        Wisconsin (D-League: Reno)
David Lighty                         G/F         6-5          220         05/27/88        Ohio State  
Demetri McCamey             G           6-3          200         02/21/89          Illinois  
Eniel Polynice                        G           6-5          220         05/18/88         Seton Hall      
Matt Rogers                         F            6-11        225         12/03/87         Southwest Baptist (D-League: Texas)
Omar Samhan                      C           6-11        265         11/03/88          Saint Mary’s 
Damian Saunders                 F            6-7          210         11/01/88         Duquesne    
Donald Sloan                         G           6-3          205         01/15/88         Texas A&M (D-League: Reno)
Malcolm Thomas                 F            6-9          220         11/08/88         San Diego State
Brad Wanamaker                G           6-4          210         07/25/89         Pittsburgh
Qyntel Woods                      F/G         6-8          220         02/16/81        Northeast Mississippi CC

Peachtree Hoops has a further breakdown of the players, some of which is well above my so-called pay grade, as I do not watch enough college hoops.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.