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Braves Outfielder Jordan Schafer Hit In Face By Ball, Leaves Game Immediately

First it was Peter Moylan. Then it was Brandon Beachy. Then Jason Heyward, Nate McLouth and Eric O’Flaherty. Now, it’s Jordan Schafer.


The Braves talented center fielder left Friday night’s game after a bizarre play at home plate. Schafer squared to bunt and Mets starter Jonathon Niese (unintentionally) threw a high, inside fastball. While attempting to get out of the way, Schafer’s bat made contact with the ball, which then ricocheted upwards and struck Schafer in the cheek. He fell to the ground immediately and the Braves coaching staff was out to assist Jordan within a matter of moments.


Schafer remained on the ground for a few minutes and then got up with the help of his coaches and teammates. A large icepack was placed on his face as he hobbled into the clubhouse. He was taken to a local hospital for x-rays.


A full update will come as soon as one is released.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.