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NBA Lockout 2011 Officially Underway, Beginning Summer Of Fun

The NBA lockout we've been hearing about, the one that's supposed to make the NFL lockout look like a basketball game (so stupid!)? It is upon us: the NBA lockout officially began at 12:01 am ET on July 1. We highly recommend you keep it locked to's coverage of the ridiculous affair, but we'll offer Atlanta Hawks-relevant stories here when we can.

Check back early tomorrow morning for a story on exactly how this lockout could affect the Hawks, if it concludes as it looks like it might. It involves Joe Johnson's contract, and if there's anything Hawks fans like to read about more than Joe Johnson's contract, I've yet to discover it.

For now, enjoy this quote by Hawks player rep Zaza Pachulia, delivered to WSB's Zach Klein:

The stuff the owners want sounds ridiculous to us. We are very, very, very far apart.

Nothing easy, right?

Stay tuned to SB Nation's StoryStream for more NBA lockout news, updates and explanations.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.