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NFL Supplemental Draft: Caleb King Joining Terrelle Pryor In Turning Pro, According To Report

Could former Georgia Bulldogs RB Caleb King join former Ohio St. Buckeyes QB Terrelle Pryor in the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft? That's the story as it stands. According to the Macon Telegraph's Seth Emerson, King has decided to go ahead and try his luck in the NFL instead of transferring to a FCS school to finish up his college football resume.

No date has been scheduled for the 2011 Draft, though it's usually aaaany day now. The NFL has said it's definitely happening this year, lockout and all. Here's how it works: each team that wants King will bid a draft pick. Whoever bids the lowest pick wins his draft rights and must forfeit that pick from their 2012 repertoire.

Earlier Sunday, Mocking The Draft assigned King a seventh-round grade. Character issues are a common concern for supplemental picks, and King will be no exception. However, his noted pass-blocking skills might help his chances of being selected.

No, the Atlanta Falcons will not draft him. 

According to Wikipedia (I know!), 40 "notable" players have been picked in the draft, including two Peach State players from the past decade: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets RB Tony Hollings, who went to the Houston Texans in 2003, and UGA safety Paul Oliver, a San Diego Chargers pick in 2007.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.