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NCAA 12 Team Ratings Make Georgia The SEC's Second Class

NCAA Football 12 basically has two team ratings: one decides how players play in online games and the first seasons of dynasties, and the other decides how teams perform in future dynasty years. A good overall rating can't be sustained without a good prestige rating, which affects the level of coach and recruit a team can draw over time.

As expected, the Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida Gators and LSU Tigers all have maxed-out six-star prestige ratings, along with defending national champ Auburn. The Georgia Bulldogs are just a step behind despite finishing 6-7 last year, meaning they're a big season or two away from joining the upper tier -- while another collapse away from slipping to join Tennessee.

There are a couple other conferences that look a little off, but I think they got the current SEC pecking order right, though I could see Arkansas being rated anywhere from three to five stars.

Here's a complete list of team ratings and rankings, and here's how the SEC stacks up:


Overall Offense Defense Special teams Prestige


Alabama A+ A A+ B- 6


Arkansas A- A B+ B 4


Auburn B+ A- B+ B- 6


Florida B+ B+ B+ B 6


Georgia B+ A- B A+ 5


Kentucky B B B B+ 3


LSU A B+ A- B- 6


Mississippi State B+ B+ B+ B- 3


Ole Miss B+ B+ B B 3


South Carolina A A B+ B- 4


Tennessee B+ B B B+ 4


Vanderbilt B- B- C+ C+ 2

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.