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Kelton Hill Felony Laptop Arrest Leaves Georgia State Thin At QB

The Georgia St. Panthers could have an adventurous first four games in 2011, with presumed starter Kelton Hill having been arrested on June 22 for forcible entry related to the burglary of a laptop in Georgia State's student dorms. Though the arrest occurred almost a month ago, no suspension has yet been announced. You'll have to assume one is on the way, however, because, again, felony.

And with 2010 starter Drew Little already benched for four games, converted punter Bo Schlecter will have to hold down the fort behind center. Please don't fall for the perpetual fake punt, Clark Atlanta.

According to Doug Roberson, the laptop was valued at $1,300 and was returned to its owner. You may make Cam Newton and Jeremiah Masoli jokes if you like, but I'm mainly trying to figure out whether this alleged laptop acquisition was more or less gangster than those whose lineage it allegedly withholds. Hill reportedly did not paint his name on the allegedly stolen item, so let's go with less.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.