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Undrafted Free Agent Noel Devine Signing With Falcons, According To AJC

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's D. Orlando Ledbetter is reporting the Atlanta Falcons have signed West Virginia Mountaineers firestarter Noel Devine, confirming a burst of Twitter rumors kicked off almost an hour ago. We'll await the official word, but it looks like the Falcons have just acquired one killer new option. 

According to Ledbetter, the Falcons like the 5-foot-7 Devine's hands and ability in the passing game. Considering he produced 710 receiving yards -- to go with his 4,315 rushing yards -- during his time at WVU, that's a valid reason to like his game.

No, he's not much of a pass blocker, so don't expect to see him used on first or second downs if he makes the team.

He's also a capable return man, having brought back 34 kickoffs during his time as an 'Eer, though most of those were as a freshman. His longest return was for 48 yards. One could wonder whether he's partially being brought on to encourage Eric Weems to get a deal done quickly.

Some are going to focus on some of the missteps he made early in his college career, but it would be wise to read up on his full background before making any judgments as to his character. Many will remember the story of Deion Sanders' attempt to become Devine's guardian, which led to Devine ripping off the Falcons great, but the two have reportedly mended their relationship

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.