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Noel Devine: An Atlanta Falcons UFA Signing Or Not?

One thing that's kind of bugged me about reports that Noel Devine has agreed to sign with the Atlanta Falcons: it was kind of hard to track down a source for all the rumors in the first place. Even when the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the signing, they cited "reports," leading one to wonder if their report was only meant to comment on the current rumors. and others are reporting Devine is still shopping his services and has not signed a contract with the Falcons yet. Devine could've simply changed his mind, or this all could have been a fuss over nothing.

Almost every other UFA in this stream has been confirmed by the player himself, an athletic department, teammates or a local beat writer -- Devine, the biggest name on the whole list, hasn't been confirmed by anybody besides the AJC, which most West Virginia outlets cited in turn. The whole thing could've begun with a stray tweet.

Hopefully we'll find out from someone close to Devine soon one way or another, and hopefully he ends up in Atlanta.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.