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NFL Free Agency: Tyson Clabo Soon To Re-Sign With Falcons, According To Report

Update: D. Orlando Ledbetter says a Clabo signing isn't all that imminent.

The Atlanta Falcons entered free agency with a list of key contributors up for new contracts. Based on reports, it's sounded like Pro Bowl OT Tyson Clabo was priority No. 1, and this tweet by Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole backs up that assumption.  

Cole says Clabo is "close" to re-signing with Atlanta. Depending on how much he signs for, if he signs, we could learn a thing or two about how the rest of free agency might affect that offensive line.

Conflicting reports have had either Justin Blalock or Harvey Dahl as the second in line for a new deal. Few expect the Falcons to be able to keep all three, and the team's done a good job of drafting offensive linemen over the past few years in preparation. Clabo's signing could be the big chip that helps drop all the others into their places.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.