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2011 Falcons Undrafted Free Agents List: All 22 Prospects Announced

The Atlanta Falcons have announced their 22 undrafted free agents, and our handy spreadsheet wasn't all that far off. No, Noel Devine's name didn't make an appearance, but 18 other previously reported UDFAs did. They're joined by Mars Hill College WR P.J. Gore, Newbury College DB Kamaal McIlwain, Oregon State DB Suaesi Tuimaunei and Northern Alabama FB/DL Thor Merrow. That's a Thor and a Gore, and we're in business.

Check the link above for scouting reports, lovingly compiled by's Jay Adams.

Merrow has not only the most interesting name but the most local color, having played at Buford High School and been named the Gwinnett Country defensive player of the year for his line work. He transferred to North Alabama from the West Virginia Mountaineers. (See? At least we got one!)


Name Pos. School Height, Weight


Adam Froman QB Louisville 6'4", 220


Andrew Schulze LS Iowa 6'6", 255


Darrin Walls CB Notre Dame 6', 190


DJ Davis WR Oregon 6'1", 205


Doug Beaumont WR Louisville 5'9", 187


Kamaal McIlwain DB Newbury 5'10", 175


Kiante Tripp DL/TE Georgia 6'6", 293


Kirk Belgrave CB Kent State 6'1", 205


LaMarcus Thompson LB Tennessee 6'1", 226


Lucas Cox FB Georgia Tech 6', 245


Matt Hansen LB Rhode Island 5'11", 230


Matt Murphy OT UNLV 6'4", 300


P.J. Gore WR Mars Hill 6'3", 180


Paul Fenaroli C Stony Brook 6'2", 300


Philip Sylvester RB Florida A&M 5'8", 194


Rob McGill OT La. Tech 6'3", 310


Ryan McMahon C FSU 6'5", 284


Ryan Winterswyk DE/TE Boise State 6'4", 268


Suaesi Tuimaunei DB Oregon State 6'1", 205


Thor Merrow FB/DL Northern Alabama 6'1", 235


Tom McCarthy DL/LB Yale 6'5", 265


Youri Yenga OLB SMU 6'1", 231

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.