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NFL Free Agency: Jason Babin Unlikely Falcons Signing, Says Adam Caplan

We know the Atlanta Falcons have contacted Tennessee Titans DE Jason Babin -- at least, according to Jason Babin they have. But don't expect the team to actually sign him, says FOX Sports' Adam Caplan, who says the rumor of Atlanta's interest probably won't amount to anything.

Kind of weird since the rumor was started by Babin, but off we go.

Caplan also discounts the idea of the Chicago Bears signing him, which would leave the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles and Titans among the teams already listed as being interested. I wasn't too sure about the initial Falcons report, since Babin fit the Charles Johnson profile of a player who threw up a whole bunch of sacks all in one season. And, yeah, again, Babin said so himself.

Been thinking for a while the plan is to roll with Kroy Biermann unless something presents itself for surprisingly cheap.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.