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NFL Rumors: No, Seriously, Rams Want Every Falcons Free Agent

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports former Atlanta Falcons RB Jerious Norwood has joined current Falcons free agent Jason Snelling on the list of St. Louis Rams free agency targets. This is becoming a problem.

The Rams are also reportedly interested in WR Brian Finneran, who the Falcons won't re-sign, and have already taken RG Harvey Dahl. Since CB Brent Grimes is a sure thing to stay, this means every position player that leaves Atlanta via free agency may end up in St. Louis, if only the Rams also want to pick up CB Brian Williams.

You guys need a cornerback too, don't you? Let me tell you some great things about Brian Williams:

  • You'll get to make jokes about the NBC news man after lit'rally every play.
  • He's also played for the Vikings and Jaguars, and you know what they say about that.
  • He has four career sacks. Lethal!
  • Only the fourth player in Vikings history to post 200-plus yards on interception returns in a season.
  • NFC Defensive Player of the Week for November 23, 2003.
  • When healthy, he's actually still pretty good at football. I was happy with his output when he joined the team.


Name Pos. Age Status Word on the street


Brent Grimes CB 28 RFA


Brian Finneran WR 35 UFA Won't re-sign; Rams target


Brian Williams CB 32 UFA Won't re-sign


Eric Weems KR 26 RFA ATL: 1-Yr


Harvey Dahl RG 30 UFA STL: 4-Yr


Jason Snelling RB 27 UFA Rams target


Jerious Norwood HB 27 UFA Won't re-sign; Rams target


Justin Blalock LG 27 UFA Falcons target


Matt Bryant K 36 UFA ATL: 4-Yr


Michael Koenen P 29 UFA TB: 6-Yr, $19.5M


Mike Peterson OLB 35 UFA ATL: 1-Yr


Ray Edwards DE 26 UFA ATL: 5-Yr, $30M


Stephen Nicholas OLB 28 UFA ATL: 5-Yr, $17.5M


Tyson Clabo RT 29 UFA ATL: 5-Yr, $25-27M

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.