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Neiron Ball Expected To Miss 2011 Florida Football Season After Brain Injury Recovery

Jackson, Georgia native Neiron Ball is still recovering from a February episode that saw him enter a Jacksonville ICU with a blood vessel burst in his brain. Though he was able to make it out of the hospital within a few days to begin recovery at his home in Georgia, his brother-in-law, Dary Myricks, tells the Orlando Sentinel it's highly unlikely Ball will be able to play for the Florida Gators this season.

Myricks also described the procedure Ball underwent, which was more like radiation treatment than an invasive surgery.

Ball contributed on special teams as a freshman and was expected to make a depth chart push at linebacker, had he been able to recover in time. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution called Ball's stats at Jackson High "almost unbelievable."

His brother Neland Ball was a highly touted Georgia Bulldogs signee that was never able to make much of an impact.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.