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Virginia Tech AD Rejects SEC Expansion Rumors

If the SEC wants to expand by bringing on Texas A&M and an eastern school, as the current hypothesis goes, should they go after Florida State, Virginia Tech or a sleeper pick? FSU is reportedly already in talks with the conference, so what about the Hokies?

Via Kyle Tucker, VPI athletic director Jim Weaver says his school hasn't been contacted by the SEC and would probably decline if invited. Add Virginia Tech to Miami on the list of schools that have announced their disinterest.

 Virginia Tech had to have a good bit of political assistance to reach the ACC in the first place, and some have theorized they wouldn't be able to leave Virginia behind. With both schools in BCS conferences, the Hokies might be able to make the jump, but are apparently pleased with winning a trip to the Orange Bowl every other year or so. 

Especially if Florida State moves along to the ACC ... how excited are ACC fans for the future of the conference in that scenario?

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.