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Falcons Vs. Dolphins: First Drive Hints At What 'Explosive' Means

After an offseason filled with talk about the Atlanta Falcons offense needing to get more explosive, the preseason opener's first drive against the Miami Dolphins might have showed a taste of what's in store. On play No. 1, Matt Ryan tried to lob one into the basket of Julio Jones, who was streaking up the sideline and had beaten his man.

Ryan tried to find Jones again on second down, but that play was broken up. The third play looked to be turning into a long pass towards Roddy White, but the Dolphins pass rush forced an incompletion.

It's not the results that are interesting, but the intent. As far as playcalling goes, that really didn't look like the 2010 Falcons offense.

Matt Bosher made his debut at punter, and ... well, that's why you play preseason games. His 37-yard punt barely crossed midfield before warbling to the ground.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.