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Julio Jones Attacking, Harry Douglas Scores For Falcons Vs. Dolphins

The Atlanta Falcons offense was supposed to play only two series against the Miami Dolphins, but stuck around for three, so here I am typing up everything that happens.

The Michael Turner plan was cut short on the opening play of drive No. 3.

And then Matt Ryan found Julio Jones over the middle, connecting for 22 yards. It took two Dolphins to drag a leg-pumping Jones to the turf. He is my favorite NFL player. Then an end-around to Jones went for a first down, with Roddy White displaying an obnoxious block on a Dolphins corner.

Jason Snelling also showed off a little land-and-air versatility, carrying the ball for a gain before providing a dumpoff for Ryan. Eric Weems made a nice catch of a stern dart over the middle -- really hammering the middle of the field -- for 18 yards. Ryan is getting some great protection, though it's just preseason. Still, not a bad sign for Garrett Reynolds, who's starting at right guard.

Harry Douglas concluded the drive by making a great 20-yard catch in double coverage for the score.

The defense is looking stiff against the run, allowing nary a yard on two attempts by some cat named Daniel Thomas. If you can shut down Daniel Thomas in the preseason, your defense is really going places. As a whole, Atlanta's D has forced a turnover and a three-and-out.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.