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Clemson Next To Refute SEC Expansion Rumors

A Saturday morning ESPN report that the SEC is planning to onboard Texas A&M, FSU, Missouri and Clemson has now been totally discredited from both sides every step of the way, other than the A&M part, which was dialed down. Not trying to be harsh. Just saying.

The latest up: Clemson, whose president, James Barker, told Travis Sawchik the school hasn't so much as discussed a move with the SEC, though he charitably adds they might think about it in the future.

All signs point to, at most, A&M being brought on in 2013 or later, with the SEC spending a year finding a complement. Pete Thamel reported the conference hasn't yet even discussed which school would become No. 14 in such a scenario. Of course, the SEC could still vote to reject the Aggies in the first place.

Aggies fans should stay anxious, I guess, while everybody else should just learn to enjoy this stuff. Everyone should learn to enjoy lots of things!

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.