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SEC Expansion News: Is the SEC Conference Meeting On Sunday Or Not?

There is now conflicting reports as to whether or not an actual meeting will take place on Sunday by the SEC Presidents to discuss an invitation for Texas A&M to join the conference. Previously the New York Times ran a story reporting that there would be a meeting on Sunday citing a source "with first-hand knowledge". 

Now the Sporting News has released a conflicting report that also cites an "high-ranking official from the SEC" saying that there is no meeting on Sunday. 

Presidents from the SEC will not meet on Sunday to discuss the possible move of Texas A&M to the SEC, a high-ranking official from the SEC told Sporting News on Saturday.

Obviously someone is wrong in this matter but at this point we have no way of knowing for sure. With Texas A&M board of regents meeting on Monday it would be likely that an invitation (or not) would be coming sooner rather than later. SB Nation's SEC Blog Team Speed Kills also thinks that it is likely a meeting is happening this weekend

My gut tells me that this thing is happening fast, and that the SEC presidents probably will meet. It's possible that the Times talked to someone who had heard about it and TSN talked to someone who hadn't. But there's no real way to tell, so take your pick.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.