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SEC Expansion: Big 12 Issues Statement Regarding Texas A&M Rumors

While we still are not positive whether or not the SEC is meeting on Sunday to discuss inviting Texas A&M to join the conference, we do know that the Aggies' Board of Regents will be meeting on Monday. It is expected that during that meeting, the Board of Regents will grant Texas A&M's president the power to make conference alignment decisions which would pave the way to accept an invite to a conference like the SEC if one is forthcoming.  

With the rumors in full circulation, the Big 12 Board of Directors met via teleconference on Saturday and issued a press release stating that the nine other members of the conference are all pushing to keep Texas A&M a part of the Big 12.

The Board strongly conveyed to Texas A&M its unanimous desire that it remain a Big 12 member, and acknowledged its value to the Conference. The Board noted that Texas A&M expressed concerns about institutional networks and that the athletics directors worked together and took actions, which the Board has approved, to adequately address those concerns..

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.