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Brent Grimes' First-Round Tender Means He'll Likely Stick Around, We Can Deduce

Some excellent work* by D. Orlando Ledbetter here in using a story from the other side of the NFC South to help explain what might be going on in Flowery Branch. As you know, Atlanta Falcons restricted free agent Brent Grimes has a first-round tender by his name. This means any team that wants to sign him must be willing to give up a top pick to the Falcons for the right to do so. 

New Orleans Saints guard Carl Nicks was in the same predicament as Grimes -- he chose to just go ahead and sign, since that first-round tender made him "close to radioactive on the NFL market."

That tender is worth a $2.61 million salary, by the way, which means that's how much Grimes would make for a one-year deal if he stays in Atlanta. That's a steal for a Pro Bowl CB, but be assured they'd get to work negotiating a long-term deal.

D. Led also comes up with a quick list of potential replacements, including disgruntled and displaced Philadelphia Eagles CB Asante Samuel.

* Except, perhaps, for the title of that piece, to which Grimes takes exception.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.