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PHOTO: Georgia's Real Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Match Teased Image

And now it's official: Nike wasn't just fooling with you by putting up images of the Georgia Bulldogs upcoming Nike Pro Combat uniforms. They're the really real deal, with the image below showing up on UGA's official Facebook page and confirming your fears, hopes and dreams about the get-up.

As you can see here, that helmet is ... wow, what a helmet:


We're going to get through this just fine, everybody. As cooler heads have pointed out, if Georgia wins, these uniforms will be beloved forever. There's really nothing magical about silver pants that can't be expected of silver hats.

Remember: Frank Sinkwich wore a silver helmet at Georgia, and Herschel Walker wore red pants at one point. They also both walked around at all times with enormous Nike logos on every area of their bodies. That's not true. If there had been a Zaxby's back in the day, however ...

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.