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Nike Explains Georgia's Silver Pro Combat Helmets, Confusingly

Your first thought upon looking at the Pro Combat uniforms Nike has foisted upon the Georgia Bulldogs: unprintable. Your second thought: red pants and not silver pants even though we love our silver pants? Hang on. Thought number three: silver hats and not red hats even though we like our red hats, though nowhere near as much as our silver pants?

This last thought is the only thought we can address here, and the solution will only confuse you further. has posted a video by Nike that partially explains some of the design decisions, mainly the silver stuff. At first, this makes sense:

Silver brings out a certain nostalgic tone and is associated with greatness and perfection in Georgia. Their last championship season was 1980, when they brought back their traditional silver. Celebrate the past to move into the future.

But, first of all, that's not really how the future works. To move into the future, just sit tight. It will find you. But OK.

In 1980, Vince Dooley switched Georgia's pants from white back to silver. He did not switch Georgia's helmets from white back to Judge Dredd -- that movie is set in the future, not in pre-1980. Somehow while hurtling into the present future, pants silver ended up as head silver.

Mr. Phil Knight, if the future is all about wearing your pants on your head in public, even in an event sanctioned by the world's greatest sandwich, you can count the Peach State right out. Let some other suckers wear their space pants as hats.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.