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Tommy Hanson's Shoulder Injury Not Improving

Coming through the Minor Leagues, the only real concern with Tommy Hanson was his delivery and the mechanics he uses to constantly throw a baseball. His motion is anything but smooth, and it appears it may be what slows down his Major League career.

This is the second time this season Hanson has battled pain in his right shoulder, but unlike the first injury in early-July, the shoulder is not progressing like it should. After tossing just nine pitches before finishing on Monday with slight discomfort, we got this update from David O'Brien today:

#Braves RH Hanson's shoulder sore from session yesterday, going to take it day by day from here. Saturday rehab start is out of question.

It would appear the very earliest Hanson will return to the mound will be in September, though I guess not returning to the mound at all this season is not out of the question. Shoulder injuries are always scary for a pitcher, let alone for one who has battled trouble in that area before. Stay tuned.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.