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VIDEO: Alabama Old Navy Commercial Features Auburn Pizza Delivery Boy

Alabama's newfound appreciation for song and dance numbers has registered with Madison Avenue, whose knowledge of Southern culture is so miniscule they just assumed "Glee' medlies are what the fuss is about every Saturday afternoon. Your requisite PAWL response: "Those Hollywood pagans should know it's only acceptable for a heterosexual man to sing in public if he's carrying an hymnal or harmonizing any Ronnie Van Zant lyric from the 'Gold And Platinum' LP.... but I do like how they made the Awbarn boy look sissy. RAWL TIDE."

If P.T. Anderson had a free minute, this thing would've had gobs of potential - America's most vitriolic sports rivalry set to the tune of Night Ranger's "Sister Christian" (remember the drug deal scene from "Boogie Nights?" DON'T DO IT, TODD!) Then again, Anderson's finished product - likely an uncut 43-minute Steadicam shot of an East L.A. gang fight - probably wouldn't have moved many cargo shorts.

And by the way, is that Tiger four-wheeler the skinned hide of the Clemson mascot? Sure looks like it. Or, knowing the Clemson mascot, is he simply wrapped around the carriage of a Yamaha ATV in a catatonic GHB-and-glue induced state to avoid detection from a suspicious South Carolina State Trooper?

HT Kegs 'N Eggs

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.