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Steve Kragthrope and LSU: Now The Same Old Jordan Jefferson Anxieties Persist

The easier to digest - yet obviously far, far less important effect of LSU offensive coordinator Steve Kragthrope's resignation - is how the Tigers' offense and quarterback Jordan Jefferson adjust. 

The gang at At The Valley Shook calmly posit that every player on the Tigers' offense "has the same playbook they did yesterday," although they'll now continue to learn that new scheme without its architect. LSU has been notoriously deceptive on paper (especially the kind that prints a season preview) throughout Miles' tenure. For fans bored with recruiting trophies, it's cold comfort to count the positives of a veteran offensive line, the usual rotation of starters-elsewhere tailbacks and a collection of receivers - named Reuben Randle and Russell Shepard - who could be household names. 

The anti-Jefferson lot fume that Les Miles' choice of quarterback is the reason for all that five-star anonymity, combined with former O.C. Gary Crowton's oft-bizarre play calling. Watching Jefferson seemingly hyperventilate while running the option last season was one of the ugliest sights in college football, and Kragthorpe's overhaul was conjured by Miles specifically to optimize LSU's quarterback play.

If Jordan Jefferson is standing, breathing and able, he's the Tigers' quarterback - 2010 proved that Miles isn't interested in a rotation (and, some would argue, not even a competition). Georgia transfer Zach Mettenberger was considered a replacement by fans but just as easily end up at third-string, behind last year's fan favorite Jarret Lee.

With a national championship defense and all that mysterious luck, without Kragthrope as the quarterback whisperer, LSU fans are now left to revisit the same anxieties about Jefferson, 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.