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NFL Free Agency: Jason Snelling, Falcons Come To Terms, According To Report

Having been left standing in the cold by the Giants, Rams, Chiefs and reportedly (sort of (maybe)) the Dolphins and Bengals as well, Atlanta Falcons free agent RB Jason Snelling has decided to stick around the A for one more year, according to Pat Yasinkas.

Watching Snelling's stab at free agency was awkward and not fun at all. He's a multi-talented player who could help any team in a variety of ways, but for some reason players like Cadillac Williams came off the board before he did. The market simply had too many running backs, it appears.

Some NFL teams may be wising up about backs in general, as they're the players most likely to be injured and the least likely to contribute for many years. Snelling's array of skills makes him more valuable than any old back, of course, but not every team is going to realize that.

It all worked out in the end for the Falcons, apparently, who likely got a good deal on their backup running back.

With this move, free agency is likely just about over for Atlanta, though they might pick up a cheap veteran defensive back or some such at some point.


Name Pos. Age Status Word on the street


Brent Grimes CB 28 RFA ATL: 1-Yr


Brian Finneran WR 35 UFA Won't re-sign; STL target


Brian Williams CB 32 UFA Won't re-sign


Eric Weems KR 26 RFA ATL: 1-Yr


Harvey Dahl RG 30 UFA STL: 4-Yr


Jamaal Anderson DL 25 Cut IND: 1-Yr


Jason Snelling RB 27 UFA ATL: 1-Yr


Jerious Norwood HB 27 UFA STL


Justin Blalock LG 27 UFA ATL: 6-Yr, $38M


Matt Bryant K 36 UFA ATL: 4-Yr


Michael Jenkins WR 29 Cut MIN: 3-Yr


Michael Koenen P 29 UFA TB: 6-Yr, $19.5M


Mike Peterson OLB 35 UFA ATL: 1-Yr


Ray Edwards DE 26 UFA ATL: 5-Yr, $30M


Stephen Nicholas OLB 28 UFA ATL: 5-Yr, $17.5M


Tyson Clabo RT 29 UFA ATL: 5-Yr, $25-27M

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.