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Braves vs. Phillies: Lineups Released, Weather A Concern

After a blowout defeat for the Braves on Monday night, Fredi Gonzalez has put back just about all of his regular starts into the lineup for Tuesday night against Vance Worley. Here are the lineups for both teams:

Bourn - CF

Prado - LF

McCann - C

Uggla - 2B

Chipper - 3B

Freeman - 1B

Gonzalez - SS

Constanza - RF

Hudson - P

Outside of our pitcher being a better hitter than the seventh and eighth batters, the lineup looks pretty solid. Vance Worley has been a tough pitcher all season long, though he has been a benefactor of some luck on the mound.

Victorino CF

Polanco 3B

Utley 2B

Howard 1B

Pence RF

Ibanez LF

Schneider C

Martinez SS

Worley P.

As far as the weather goes, the game will almost certainly be delayed, if not cancelled all together. It has rained all day in the Philadelphia area and the forecast through tomorrow morning calls for upwards of 80% chance of rain. Not good.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.