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Quinton Dial could face suspension for hit on Aaron Murray

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Alabama Crimson Tide defensive tackle Quinton Dial could be suspended for the National Championship Game because of a helmet-to-helmet hit on Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Alabama Crimson Tide defensive tackle Quinton Dial could face a suspension for his hit in the SEC Championship Game against Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray, according to Chip Towers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Dial hit Murray with an above-the-shoulder helmet-to-helmet hit after Murray threw an interception to Crimson Tide defensive back Ha-Sean Clinton-Dix late in the second quarter.

Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity has asked the SEC to review the legality of Dial's hit, but the SEC responded to him and said that they were already looking into it. McGarity said that he was 'stunned' when he saw the clip on Youtube:

"I actually didn't see the hit until I saw it on YouTube (Sunday)," McGarity said of SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. "It is definitely a play we will submit for review, but I'm sure that's already being done. "I'm anxious to see what (SEC Commissioner Mike Slive) says about it."

Steve Shaw, the SEC's coordinator of officials has already reviewed the play and has determined that officials in the game "missed the call":

When we go through video review of it, that's what we'll have to determine. And then you as you break it down, did he lead with the head or lead with the shoulder? From game action, it was a personal foul regardless of how we break it down frame by frame."

SEC commissioner Mike Slive has suspended two players in his conference this season for similar hits earlier this season. Dial now faces the same scrutiny, only this time the National Championship Game is the Crimson Tide's next contest.

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