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Georgia Working On 3-Year Extension With Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham

SB Nation's Steven Godfrey first brought up the news that the University of Georgia may need to extend the contract of their defensive coordinator, Todd Grantham, in mid-November. Now, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the SEC school is working on a three-year extension with Grantham, who helped create the NCAA's third-ranked defense.

Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity never had an assistant coach under a multi-year agreement in 18 years while he was at Florida. But he is making an exception for Grantham.

"That’s what we’re working to right now," McGarity said Friday. "We’re discussing it. Mark and I have discussed it and we’re trying to work through that right now. It’s just tough to get everybody together because of coaching conventions and recruiting and things like that. But we’re moving along in that direction."

Grantham is currently the second highest paid defensive coordinator in FBS behind Alabama's Kirby Smart, who makes $850,000. McGarity feels they're being fair to Grantham when it comes to money and he feels the most important thing is the longevity of the deal.

"The most important thing is the longevity piece," McGarity said. "From a compensation standpoint it’s hard to argue that we’re not being fair to him. My whole thing is being fair to people and I think we’re being fair."

Under Grantham, the Georgie Bulldogs defense gave up on 268.46 yards per game in 2011 which is third behind LSU and Alabama, the two teams that are playing for the BCS National Championship.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.