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Georgia Tech vs. Clemson: Paul Johnson wants Yellow Jackets to deal with it

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Despite a 1-3 start and an embarrassing home loss, Georgia Tech's head coach isn't allowing his team to dwell on their troubles as the Jackets prepare for Clemson.

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Georgia Tech head football coach Paul Johnson has no sympathy for and is giving no quarter to any Yellow Jackets player mired in Saturday's upset loss to Middle Tennessee. Johnson remained his usual matter-of-fact self, even after GT was whipped by MTSU, 49-28. Johnson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"It’s disappointing and it’s unacceptable and I think our guys know it’s unacceptable," Johnson said following practice. "You move forward. Like I said, you’re not going to get anywhere looking backwards. Quit moping, quit pouting and let’s go play."

The Tech defense has been maligned for its inability to make clean tackles, something that's bound to be a focus as the Jackets prepare to face one of the most explosive offenses in the country in Clemson.

Johnson didn’t know the number of missed tackles off the top of his head, he said, "but it was bad." He said a handful of players were responsible for most of them.

Tech won 31-17 in Atlanta last year, ending the Tigers' undefeated streak. Dating back to before Johnson and Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney took over their respective programs, this rivalry has been lopsided in favor of the bees: Tech is 7-3 in the last 10 meetings.

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