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Bud Peterson discusses Dan Radakovich's departure for Clemson

The Georgia Tech president discusses what he's looking for in a new athletic director.


Georgia Tech athletic director Dan Radakovich has taken the same position at ACC rival Clemson, and now Tech president Bud Peterson is tasked with finding a replacement while riding out the current calendar year. While speaking with the AJC, Peterson had several items of note regrading Radakovich's departure as well as what Georgia Tech is looking for in its next A.D.

Senior associate director Paul Griffin and Radakovich will form a search committee for the next A.D., but Peterson stated he was unclear as to whether or not he'd serve on the committee.

"I haven’t thought through that yet. Certainly, whether I’ll actually be on the committee or ask the committee to make a recommendation to me, I’m not sure exactly how we’ll do that. We haven’t quite formalized the committee structure and who would be on it."

Peterson also framed up the profile of a would-be successor to Radakovich as someone with a strong fundraising background to help Tech work through costs associated with several years of construction for on-campus facilities. In addition, Tech's "a little different" per Peterson regarding admission standards for student athletes, a key component to recruiting and coaching hires for the next A.D.

"...Our academic requirements are pretty difficult and challenging, so it’s going to take an athletic director that understands Georgia Tech. I think I’ve tried to do that and I’m not a Tech alum, so I’ve got a high degree of confidence we can find somebody. It’d be great if we could find somebody that knew a lot about Georgia Tech, was a Tech alum, had three degrees, four degrees, four kids that went here, but we’ll see what happens."

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