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When Chasing the Sprint Cup, Brad Keselowski Has to Be "Out of Control" to Win

Keselowski was called out by half-dozen drivers about being out of control and having a death wish after Texas, but Keselowski has the right to be. After all, he is about to clinch his first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship.


When Brad Keselowski has something on his mind, he certainly is unafraid to speak it when necessary.

After what transpired in the closing laps of the AdvoCare 500 at Phoenix last weekend, Brad felt it was warranted to speak his mind and boy did he speak it.

When asked about the retaliation between Clint Bowyer and Jeff Gordon during his post-race news conference, Keselowski was upset over how he was called out for racing hard and yet he sees retaliation by other drivers.

Well, it's the double-standard that I spent a whole week being bashed by a half a dozen drivers about racing hard at Texas and how I'm out of control and have a death wish, and then I see stuff like that. That's ridiculous. That's all you can call that. These guys just tried to kill each other. You race hard and I get called an idiot for racing hard and called with a death wish, and I see stuff like that, and it just ticks me off. (Transcribed by NASCAR Media).

The drivers who said Brad Keselowski is out of control and he has a death wish are completely wrong here.

Correct me if I am wrong, but when you are racing for a championship, aren't you suppose to lay it all on the line by being aggressive and racing hard when necessary?

I always thought that you are to race hard every lap and gain every position you can with the way the points system is today. Considering that Keselowski is in the hunt for the Championship I can understand why heis racing the way he is. What I don't understand, is why drivers are so upset at him for his aggressive driving since he has the Sprint Cup title all but locked up at this point.

All in all, being agressive is part of the journey of racing for the Sprint Cup. Brad Keselowski has been aggressive when necessary, and that has helped him get very close to hoisting the Sprint Cup title.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.