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Georgia Southern vs. Georgia: Lee proves his worth all over the field

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Georgia's Lee has been an integral cog in the Bulldogs' machine.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Dallas Lee just might be the most underrated player on the 2012 Georgia Bulldogs.

The junior guard has come back after breaking his leg against the Florida Gators last year to start in every contest this season. Lee has also shown his value and versatility, stepping over to right guard from his natural position of left guard once Chris Burnette suffered a shoulder injury versus the Ole Miss Rebels.

While the transition hasn't been perfectly smooth (the line allowed two sacks in his first game at the new position), Lee has helped to continue the Bulldogs' dominance in the running game, according to

"It’s worse than where we want to be. We had a couple of games there where we gave up sacks that we didn’t need to. Fourth (in the SEC) isn’t bad, but if we finish out the season with less sacks than we want to, hopefully we’ll be higher up on the list."

Lee is hoping that Burnette can return from his injury to help out the team, but in the meanwhile Lee has full confidence in offensive line coach Will Friend to figure it out week-by-week.

"Last year we had to rotate around as people got hurt and other things happened so we practice all the positions. Coach [Friend] does a good job of switching every now and then and making people do fundamentals the other way. It’s just on us to keep us all straight."

Georgia continues to take it one game at a time, with an outside shot at the national championship within its sights.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.