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Georgia Southern vs Georgia: Defensive adjustments key for the Bulldogs against triple option

Georgia Southern gave the Bulldogs a fight in the first quarter, but Georgia's defense snuffed out the triple-option's success in the second half

Scott Cunningham

Facing a triple-option attack for the first time all season, the Georgia Bulldogs found themselves in a curious spot - leading an FCS team by only 10 points at halftime thanks to a score right before the break.

However, things weren't going to get any closer than that. The Bulldogs offense exploded for four touchdowns, but the defense clamped down and cooled off the option attack, holding the Eagles to just one late score and finding some renewed confidence going into next week's matchup against Georgia Tech.

Inside linebacker Christian Robinson, who made his first start on Saturday and finished with more tackles than his All-American caliber counterpart, Jarvis Jones, told Dog Bytes Online that the defense's improved play came when they became more aggressive at the point of attack.

"We started knocking them back a little more," he said. "When you’re taking up ground, they want to go east and west and then cut it up at the last second. When you’re messing up those running lanes and making them have to read you, that’s when you start dictating what happens. We had the size up front to knock people back and make that happen."

That attack will serve them well against Georgia Tech next week, which has found new offensive life thanks to redshirt freshman quarterback Vad Lee in the last few weeks. Georgia defensive coordinator said that the Yellow Jackets' attack is a bit different than Georgia Southern, but it still presents its own unique challenges.

"Georgia Tech is a little different, personality-wise, than Georgia Southern, but the concepts are the same and the types of blocks we’re going to see are the same, so it will help us as we move forward," Grantham said. "And if you have to play (the triple option), it’s much better to play it in consecutive weeks rather than early in the year and then again later on."

The Yellow Jackets and Bulldogs face off against one another on Saturday in Athens.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.