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Cardinals vs. Falcons: Jonathan Babineaux's heads up play proves key

Jonathan Babineaux plays until he hears a whistle and scores an important defensive touchdown.

Scott Cunningham

With the Atlanta Falcons' offense struggling on the day, the Falcons turned to their defense to make the key plays, and Jonathan Babineaux certainly answered the call. It was Babineaux's recovery of a fumble with the Falcons down 13-3 that kept Atlanta in the game and allowed for the eventual comeback.

The fumble occurred when John Abraham jarred Arizona quarterback Ryan Lindley and caused what looked like an incomplete pass to many on the field, but Babineaux knew better after not hearing a whistle.

"I glanced at the ref and he just looked at me," Babineaux told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. "So, I knew it was a live ball."

Babineaux picked up the ball and rumbled for a 15-yard return touchdown, with Abraham leading the way.

"I know I hit it before he threw," Abraham told the AJC. "Dunta (Robinson) had a perfect shot. He could have caught it and gone right into the end zone..."

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.