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Cardinals vs Falcons: Mike Smith looks to correct mistakes

Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith says the team will be back on Monday to fix things that need to be corrected, including finding a way to prevent big plays in the running game.

Kevin C. Cox

It is not often teams can find a way to win ballgames when losing the turnover battle, let alone giving it to the other team six times, but the Atlanta Falcons did just that on Sunday, defeating the visiting Arizona Cardinals by the score of 23-19. Falcons head coach Mike Smith talked about the turnovers and other things that need to be fixed, including one of his own mistakes, during the postgame conference, via

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, who entered Sunday's game with seven interceptions on the season, committed five interceptions alone against the Cardinals defense. Smith knows the team cannot turn the ball over the way they did on Sunday.

You can't be minus four in the turnovers, and normally, you're not going to win games. That doesn't happen very often in the National Football League.

Among things Mike Smith looks to fix in the upcoming days is the big plays in the running game. Atlanta allowed 137 yards on the ground in 26 carries. Smith, who received a flag for throwing the challenge flag on a turnover, also joked saying that miscue will be fixed rather quickly.

We've got to find a way for the coach not to throw a challenge flag at the wrong time. I can assure you that one will be addressed very quickly.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.