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Georgia Tech vs Georgia: Bulldogs' defense punishes Tech in win

A couple of huge hits from Alec Ogletree sparked the Georgia defense to a ferocious performance against the Yellow Jackets

Scott Cunningham

Georgia Tech quarterback Tevin Washington dropped back and flipped a short pass to Robert Godhigh, who turned upfield right into the arms of Georgia linebacker Alec Ogletree. Ogletree hauled him in, planted his feet and flipped the helpless Yellow Jacket over his head, slamming him to the ground WWE-style on the 50-yard line in Sanford Stadium.

The brutal hit came when the game was already in hand for the Bulldogs -- they led 28-3 with just two minutes left in the first half -- but the devastating hit exemplified Georgia's defensive dominance on Saturday.

Fellow linebacker Jarvis Jones told Dog Bytes Online that hits like that were exactly what the Bulldog defense was hoping for coming into the rivalry game.

"When Alec slammed that dude, his feet went right by my face so you have to imagine how high he was," Jarvis Jones said. "The guys just played lights out. Alec was by me all day just making tackles. He was just making plays all day. When the guys are into it and everybody on the team is making plays, it feels great because you know everybody is doing their jobs... It's good to see that instead of just one player just dominating the stat sheet."

All told, the Bulldogs held the Yellow Jackets to a season-low 10 points, forcing their rivals' offense to stall time and time again once they crossed the 50-yard line.

The feat was particularly impressive considering how well the Yellow Jackets had been playing lately -- Georgia Tech had been averaging a whopping 47.3 points per game in its last three games.

The Bulldogs now head into the SEC title game against the potent, efficient Alabama offense with their defense riding high -- and hoping Ogletree might get another chance to body slam someone.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.