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SEC Power Poll, Week 10: So close to a shakeup

We nearly got an upset Saturday night that would've shaken the SEC standings to their very foundation. Instead, Alabama's overwhelming competence won the day again . . . and the race for the SEC title game is all but over.

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

The Auburn Tigers play the current frontrunners in both SEC division races in the next three weeks. OH MY GOD THEY TOTALLY HAVE A SHOT TO . . . well, not do much of anything, to be completely honest. But those 20 or 30 minutes we thought Alabama might actually lose to LSU sure were something, weren't they?

Look for the full SEC Power Poll results to be tallied at Team Speed Kills on Tuesday.

1. Alabama — Could've blown a national-title shot against LSU. Didn't. The Process rolls on, y'all.

2. LSU — Putting together their finest offensive performance of the year against the nation's toughest defense might have been the most Les Miles thing Les Miles has ever done.

3. Georgia — If you only watched the second halves of Georgia's games this season, you'd think they were capable of beating Alabama in the SEC title game.

4. Florida — Basically a national-title-caliber defense that's having to carry a BBVA Compass Bowl offense.

5. South Carolina — Still have a chance at an at-large BCS bid, but it's an outside shot at best. How do y'all feel about Tampa?

6. Texas A&M — Anyone want to come right out and say the Aggies have no chance against Alabama this weekend? Yeah, I don't either.

7. Mississippi State — The first couple months of the season were nice, but it appears we may be hitting the Bizarro Bulldogs' ceiling.

8. Vanderbilt — Taking advantage of a Charmin-soft second-half schedule to achieve bowl eligibility. And it looks like it's gonna work.

9. Ole Miss — Like their in-state arch-rivals, the Rebels are hitting the "rude awakening" portion of their schedule.

10. Arkansas — The four teams they've beaten are a combined 15-22. The three teams they have left on their schedule are each 7-2. Hope nobody put any money on the Razorbacks making a surprise run at bowl eligibility.

11. Missouri — Will they be making any T-shirts for covering the spread in the Swamp?

12. Tennessee — Haven't held anyone under 30 points since Akron on Sept. 22. On the bright side, they've held every opponent this season under 800 yards of total offense.

13. Auburn — Say what you will about this team, but they're undefeated in the WAC.

14. Kentucky — Finally pulled the trigger on the least surprising firing in the SEC this season, unless you're still holding out hope that John L. Smith could be the answer in Fayetteville.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.