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Orwin Smith nearing Georgia Tech record

The A-Back could find his way into the GT and ACC record books with a good performance in the Sun Bowl.


Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets A-Back Orwin Smith will do some record breaking when Georgia Tech faces the USC Trojans in the Sun Bowl. One record he can break without even gaining a yard. Smith, who's averaging 9.4 yards per carry, needs six carries to qualify for the Georgia Tech yards per carry record. In fact, Smith would have to run the length of the field backwards three times to not be the new record holder.

To earn the other record though, Smith will have to put in significantly more work. He could find himself second all time in yards per carry for a single season in the conference. To get into the ACC record books, Smith needs to average 65 yards per game and should he pick up 107 yards on the ground against the Trojans, he'll do just that. He'd still be behind the all time leader, former Maryland Terrapin Chet Hanulak who averaged 9.78 yards per touch all the way back in the Eisenhower administration.

Smith will have his chance to add his name to the conference history books when the Yellow Jackets take on the Trojans in El Paso on New Year's Eve at 2 p.m. ET.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.