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UGA football recruiting: Child care will affect Reuben Foster's decision

Before five-star linebacker Reuben Foster picks a school, he wants to make sure his three-year-old daughter will be happy with the decision.


Many factors play into a high-profile football recruit's choice of school, but for five-star linebacker Reuben Foster, there is one factor that isn't often seen: child care. Before Foster chooses where he'll play college football, he wants to make sure his three-year-old daughter will be happy with the choice.

Foster recently decommitted from Auburn and re-opened his recruitment. Georgia is pushing hard for his services, and the Bulldogs seem to be the leaders at this point.

But, if Georgia doesn't have quality day care and babysitters, that may hurt the Bulldogs' chances:

"The school I pick has to have a good daycare program and good babysitters in case she wants to spend the night with me and I have football," Foster told ESPN. "They coaches have to have a good bond with her too. My little girl has to like them and she knows who she likes. She likes Auburn -- and she likes Alabama. Those are the only two schools she likes, but she has not seen Georgia yet but I plan to take her there to see them too."

Before committing to the Tigers in July, Foster was committed to Alabama for nearly a year. Foster has said Auburn isn't out of the race, but he is weighing his options. In addition to the Tigers, Foster recently said he is interested in Georgia, LSU, Miami and Washington.

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