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Trent Miles discusses long-term goals for Georgia State

New Georgia State head coach Trent Miles has lofty hopes for the Panthers.

Kevin C. Cox

New Georgia State head coach Trent Miles isn't going to settle for the Panthers being a good mid-major program. Miles discussed his long-term goals for the team Monday, and he seems to believe the sky is the limit:

"Eventually we want to win a BCS game or in the new format get into a playoff," Miles said.

For a program that won't be fully transitioned to FBS unitil 2014, those are awfully lofty aspirations. Georgia State's football team didn't even exist in 2009, and the Sun Belt, the Panthers' future home, isn't known for producing BCS busters. Having just completed its third season, Georgia State is 10-23 all-time.

Even with the odds stacked against his team, Miles may be the perfect candidate to build Georgia State into a household name. He left his alma mater, Indiana State, coming off three consecutive winning seasons. That's quite a feat, considering the Sycamores won one game total in the three seasons before Miles took over.

No matter how far-fetched his goals may seem, Miles has the right attitude:

"We want to teach them how to compete, we want to teach them how to win, and then we want to win championships."

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.