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Masters Golf Tournament 2012: Lee Westwood Is Smarter This Time Around

Not too long ago, Lee Westwood shot a 13-under score of 275 at Augusta but was taken down by Phil Mickelson in 2010. Westwood has quite of bit experience playing on the course, dating back to his first time competing in the Masters in 1997.

He says his problem though is that he's played dumb in the past, being overly aggressive on different holes when it was key for him to be strategic in his approach. The 38-year-old veteran doesn't anticipate those sort of mishaps as the tournament approaches this week. Westwood is just looking to play smarter, like any other seasoned player would do.

"Hopefully I'll win and this year could be it," Westwood told the media. "I'm certainly playing well enough and getting my game together. At Augusta, I've always been fairly aggressive and gone at a lot of flags - probably more than I should have done. And it is a course you have to be very strategic on and play patiently. You learn it fairly quickly but if you are stupid sometimes, like me, it takes a while to sink in. You just can't help it and go at the flags but you need a bit of discipline. You need to go straight over the trap on No.12 and try to hit to the middle of the green. You make four threes there, I think most people would take that. That kind of thing."

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.