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2012 College Baseball, Georgia Looks To Improve Tournament Seed

The Georgia Bulldogs start a three game series with the Alabama Crimson Tide Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This is the final weekend of regular season play for SEC teams before they begin their conference tournament May 23. And with multiple teams clustered in the mid seeds, this weekend should provide some wild seeding scenarios.

The Bulldogs are currently occupying the sixth seed with a 13-13 conference record. Arkansas, Mississippi St, and Vanderbilt are nipping at their heels with 13-14 conference records. The Bulldogs have one less conference game due a cancelled contest against South Carolina earlier this season. That one game could prove advantageous because it is the reason the Bulldogs are currently ahead of Arkansas, Mississippi St, and Vanderbilt in the standings.

This weekend in the SEC features exclusively conference games, and a solid weekend could see the Bulldogs improve their tournament seed. Fortunately for the Bulldogs, Alabama is currently dead last in the SEC with a 7-20 conference record. A three-game sweep is not out of the question. That would give the Bulldogs a 16-13 record, which could potentially slot them in the third seed (with some help of course).

The chances of a three seed is unlikely though, as Florida would need to lose all three games to Auburn (currently in third to last place in the SEC). But if the Bulldogs win all three, and Ole Miss drops at least one, the Bulldogs will secure a solid four seed for the conference tournament.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.