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Freddie Freeman Injury: Blurred Vision, Irritation Continuing

Freddie Freeman's eye issues have continued, and now the first baseman is waiting for some prescription goggles.


Freddie Freeman's battle with eye issues has to be considered one of the strangest nagging injuries of the baseball season.

At the beginning of the month, Freeman was dealing with dry eyes. So he listened to the Ben Stein commercial (not really) and got some eye drops. But that created irritation when he put his contacts back in. Now Freeman is waiting for some prescription goggles. He has missed the last three games, and the pressure for him to return is getting stronger, as Monday's loss was Atlanta's eighth in a row.


“They said six or seven days because you’ve got to cut the prescription and everything like that,” Freeman said. ” They’ve got to get the eye pupil distance. People think you just go and get goggles. It’s not like that. They’re going as quick as they can because they know it’s an emergency.”

The story also explains that Freeman's vision has changed. Earlier this year, the power of each of his contacts were 1.5, but a recent exam showed Freeman's vision is 1.75 in his left eye and 2.00 in his right.

So the lesson here is to never trust Ben Stein.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.