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Chipper Jones' Twitter Account Is The MLB's Rookie Of The Year

If you haven't been following graybeard Chipper Jones on the Twitter, you're missing out on arguably the best new sports account of the year. After noticing an abundance of fake accounts, Old Man Larry launched his official account a few months ago and quickly altered the baseball landscape with his revamping of the game's offensive terminology.

His latest victory? Handling a shabby hotel situation in New York City without ever calling the front desk. This tale comes courtesy of the USA Today Travel page, which is exactly where a 40-year-old third baseman's social networking naturally ends up:

on Thursday night while staying at the Grand Hyatt for a three-game series against the New York Mets, the Daily Pitch reports, Jones complained - on Twitter- about a broken TV and faulty air conditioning unit. His Tweets:

"The movie channels dont work and the beds make my back spasm up! Am i complaining too much? Im sorry, gotta vent to someone. Love yall!!!"

"If anyone was thinkin about stayin at the Grand Hyatt in NY,dont! My AC is set on 65 and its north of 80 in here. Like a freaken sauna!"

Shortly thereafter, the Daily Pitch says, a repairman knocked on his door. Jones Tweeted:

"Ahh the power of social media. TV guy just showed up at my door. Didnt even have to call the front desk. See what happens when u vent a tad?"

Joking aside, credit the Hyatt for being one of a growing number of corporations ever-mindful of their reputation online. This is why you pay a malcontent twenty-something with a marketing degree to monitor Twitter and Facebook all day, gang.

Meanwhile, an over-the-hill ballplayer in the middle of a divorce is providing the best light-hearted entertainment of the MLB year.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.